About us – Covered Wagon Trailers

About us

Covered Wagon Trailers is a family owned and operated trailer manufacturer from Fitzgerald, Georgia. To date we have built over 30 000 trailers of all shapes and sizes from cargo and car haulers to concession and ATV trailers. What's most important to us is providing a quality trailer which fits our customer's each and every need. 

Due to our extensive manufacturing, we buy our materials in bulk for a reduced cost. We want to pass on these savings to our loyal trailer customers. That is why Covered Wagon Trailers now provides a website where you can buy replacement parts for your trailer directly from us.

As we are primarily a trailer manufacturing business, we have every trailer part you can think of. We our constantly updating our website, but if the part you are looking for isn't available on the site don't hesitate to call (229) 423-4044 (our business hours are 8am-5pm ET Monday-Friday) or email service@coveredwagontrailers.com  and we can mail you the part you're looking for.

Please note we do not sell our trailers directly to the public; we can only sell trailer parts directly. If you're interested in purchasing a Covered Wagon Trailer, visit our website at https://coveredwagontrailers.com/dealer-locator to find a dealer near you.